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Parents and Guardians

Your involvement, be it through engaging discussions, providing educational resources, or simply cheering them on, has been instrumental in shaping their confidence and love for these critical fields. Your commitment not only benefits your child but also contributes to the broader advancement of STEM education.

In a world increasingly reliant on innovation and technology, your role as supportive adult who recognize the importance of STEM is commendable. By empowering your child to explore, learn, and excel in these areas, you are helping to build a brighter future for them and for society as a whole.

Great Ressources for your childs benefit
Does it ever happen that you feel like your child may be smarter than you (at least in science) or that they are in a phase that they dont seem to want to listen to your advice? Well here are a few helpful ressources to provide the support they need without being directly implicated. 


Science Fair Foundation

The Science Fair Foundation has a lot to offer in terms of ressources. Some cool features include an online mentorship program as well as an online afterschool science club! They can also help with small grants to reduce the financial barrier for youth


Youth Moving Mountains

Youth Moving Mountains is a free afterschool program in collaboration with YukonU dedicated towards STEM (and trades). They even host summer camps. This can be a great place for your child to discover a passion in STEM



Scholastics offer a plethora of ressources for parents and guardians to explore science with their children. There are at home science experiments you can do, articles explaining the basics of science so that parents and guardians may assist their kids with their homework

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